Automate Drug Accountability and IDS Operations

Streamline the management of investigational drugs and research site operations with Vestigo. More than a digital solution for electronic accountability, inventory, and protocol management, Vestigo’s comprehensive features provide automation of integral research pharmacy processes.

Preferred by the top 10 NIH funded research institutions and NCI designated cancer centers, Vestigo is used at clinical trial sites ranging from academic medical centers and health systems to Site Management Organizations (SMOs) and Independent Research Organizations (IROs).

Experience the Powerful Features of Vestigo

Receive Premier Customer Service and Subject Matter Expertise

We take pride in offering exceptional customer service, and our team of Subject Matter Experts (SME) includes pharmacists and pharmacy technicians who provide implementation, support, and continued customer success to optimize your use of Vestigo and elevate your site to best-practice standards.

Realize the Benefits of Vestigo: Accuracy, Safety, and Efficiency

  • Improve accuracy of inventory and IP tracking throughout the accountability cycle
  • Enhance Patient Safety with reduced likelihood of protocol deviations and medication errors
  • Increase Efficiency and Staff Satisfaction with streamlined workflows and reduced manual paperwork
  • Ensure Regulatory Compliance with accurate and easily accessible records
  • Enhance Transparency with remote monitoring, reports and audit trails
  • Improve Data Quality with standardized data collection and reporting
  • Optimize Operational Decision-making & Cost-control with real-time data

Hear What our Clients Say about Vestigo and our Team

Completely paperless
“Vestigo has helped our Research Pharmacy go completely paperless and remove the physical binders from the pharmacy space. We are now able to work remotely and quickly access study information offsite after hours.

The support we receive from Vestigo when questions come up is quick and thorough. They are responsive and help us work through options when needed.”

Maggie Ryan, PharmD, BCPPS
Manager of Research Pharmacy
Oregon Health and Science University

A fantastic resource
“Our site’s experience with Vestigo implementation has been wonderful!

The initial training sessions were incredibly informative and covered the abundance of functionality within the system. The implementation process seemed daunting at first, but after we built a few protocols, we were off to the races. We were able to quickly build almost every single protocol we were dispensing on in just a few weeks.

Our customer success manager has been a fantastic resource throughout the entire implementation process. She is quick to reply to any of our questions. There have been times when she even set up a virtual meeting to show us all our options for handling a certain issue. The support services are also top notch. The team has always addressed our issues promptly and efficiently with a level of expertise that is unparalleled. The level of support has remained exceptional even after our go-live date.

Using Vestigo has made an enormous impact on our dispensing efficiency and documentation of our workload. We cannot wait to continue utilizing Vestigo to its fullest potential!”

Alishia M. Vanus, PharmD, BCPS
Clinical Pharmacy Specialist of Investigational Drugs
Community Health Network

Could not function without it
“At Emory University, we purchased Vestigo in 2007. In early 2008, the University began to require that the Investigational Drug Service manages all drug studies. We quickly grew from 120 protocols to 250 in the first two years. We could not have handled the growth without Vestigo, and our number of protocols has continued to increase to over 400 today. In addition to drug accountability and protocol management, the system has streamlined our billing process so that we can cover all operating costs. The McCreadie Group has been very responsive to ours and other users’ needs in providing frequent upgrades. They have also become an essential partner with the IDS community in helping meet the requirements of sponsors and government agencies, including the FDA. Our operation could not function without it.”

Susan Rogers, RPh
Director, Investigational Drug Service
Emory University

How did we ever manage without Vestigo?
“Before coming to Tampa General, I was the IDS Team Lead of a staff of 9, and was involved with the implementation of Vestigo at another site. We had never employed an electronic system and used sponsor supplied or other paper forms for over 300 studies. It was an incredible mess. Six months after switching to Vestigo, every person in the IDS Team frequently said the same thing “How did we ever manage without Vestigo?” When interviewing for my current position at Tampa General, I discussed the need for Vestigo, and that is was essential for any IDS to function efficiently. Yes, we have now implemented Vestigo, and all is running smoothly. I have been through several NCI and FDA audits using Vestigo. There was never a question about the documentation or accuracy of data. Auditors always commented that it was so nice to review such “clean” data.”

J. Michael Hayes, PharmD, CPh
Pharmacotherapy Specialist, Investigational Drug Service
Tampa General Hospital

Saved immense time and effort
“Recently, Investigational Drug Services (IDS) at the Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute converted from paper documentation to Vestigo. At that time, we had more than 400 open and active protocols. The Vestigo team worked closely with us to prepare for the conversion, and the training and preparation took approximately four months. The Vestigo team uploaded our current inventory, and we were able to verify all data in the system before implementation. We decided to go with the “big bang” and convert all 400 protocols at once. The results were fantastic: we had the entire inventory loaded into Vestigo and were ready to go on Monday morning. We haven’t looked back since!

The transition could not have happened at a better time. The COVID-19 pandemic hit the Detroit area hard, and we had to switch to all remote monitoring visits. Without Vestigo, we would have had to upload paper drug accountability records, shipping receipts, training documents and temperature data for each remote visit request.

With Vestigo in place, we were able to easily handle the increased demand for remote visits. In addition, the drug accountability records generated from the Vestigo system are clean, easy to read and accurate. The inclusion of temperature monitoring and competency documentation within the system makes Vestigo a complete IDS solution. We have saved immense time and effort as a result of our conversion to Vestigo.”

Joseph Schiavi, R.Ph.
Manager – Investigational Drug Services
Barbara Ann Karmanos Cancer Institute

The best software support group I have worked with
“The Vestigo team provides outstanding customer service and support. Any time I have a question or am wondering the best way to do something in Vestigo, I reach out to the helpdesk and normally receive an answer within an hour. They are always willing to set up a call to walk me through a new process or provide suggestions if I need more information. By far, the best software support group I have worked with.”

Theresa A. Mays, B.S., Pharm.D., BCOP, FASHP
Former Vice President of Investigational Drug Services
NEXT Oncology

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