Vestigo Verify

Introducing Vestigo Verify

The Leading Solution for Efficient Clinical Research Monitoring

Vestigo Verify, an essential component of the Vestigo solution, is designed to provide Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) and monitors with efficient monitoring capabilities against investigational drug services and other Vestigo site users protocol data. With Vestigo Verify, a monitor is granted secure account access by the site, allowing them to review and download data at their convenience.

Streamline Monitoring Visits and Enhance Accessibility

With Vestigo Verify, monitors can easily review and access site and study documents and request/schedule visits with sites directly, increasing monitor accessibility to important information. The platform also supports remote monitoring functionality, reducing the need for on-site visits and providing more flexibility in the monitoring process.

Enhance Accountability Efforts

Vestigo Verify provides additional tools for the CRA or monitor to participate in accountability via Visit Notes and authorizations for certain inventory transactions. Monitors can generate and download accountability record forms, additional reports, transactions views and add action items, ensuring a streamlined and organized process.

Experience Robust Features

Vestigo Verify offers paperless documentation capabilities, a secure account and protocol visit access for CRAs and monitors, communication tools for efficient collaboration, accountability functions, and a responsive and comprehensive online support desk and help center. Additionally, virtual live learning opportunities are available for monitors to learn how to navigate the platform with ease.

Choose Vestigo Verify for Optimal Clinical Research Monitoring

Vestigo Verify is the leading solution for efficient and secure clinical research monitoring. With features that streamline monitoring visits, enhance accessibility and accountability efforts, Vestigo Verify is the go-to solution for Clinical Research Associates and monitors.

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