Vestigo Verify Central

Introducing Vestigo Verify Central

Your One-Stop Solution for Protocol-Specific Monitoring Oversight

Vestigo Verify Central (VVC) is an industry-changing portal designed to provide CRO managers with protocol-specific oversight of monitoring visits at sites utilizing Vestigo and Vestigo Verify. VVC offers a dashboard for each protocol, providing graphical summaries of protocol activity and links to more detailed statistics and reports.

Gain Real-Time Insights

Vestigo Verify Central offers real-time insights into Vestigo Verify visits, Investigational Product (IP) inventory levels at each Vestigo site, and reviews of monitor-site communications. Users can review detailed information related to Vestigo Verify visits and monitor-site communications conducted in the Vestigo and Vestigo Verify platforms. Visit notes, action items, and follow-up communications are available for review.

Efficiently Manage Protocol Assignments

Vestigo Verify Central’s “Assign Monitor” function enables users to suggest adding a monitor to a protocol at a specific site by sending a change request. With VVC, protocol assignments can be managed with ease, providing users with optimal control and oversight.

Utilize Innovative Features and Benefits

Vestigo Verify Central’s top features include a monitoring activity dashboard, a summary of scheduled and completed monitoring visits, monitoring visit reports, communication history, access to site IP inventory levels, and the ability to request monitor assignment changes.

Experience Optimal Protocol-Specific Monitoring Oversight

Vestigo Verify Central is a must-have solution for CRO managers seeking protocol-specific monitoring oversight. With VVC, users gain real-time insights into monitoring activity, site inventory levels, and review monitor-site communications with ease.

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