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Vestigo Solutions is a Suite of Innovative Software Designed to Elevate Protocol Management across the Entire Investigational Product (IP) Supply Chain.

Vestigo Solutions is comprised of innovative software to improve protocol management for research pharmacy sites, sponsors, CROs and IRT organizations. At the center is Vestigo, a powerful platform that enables research sites and institutions to manage thousands of protocols and millions of transactions in the Investigational Product (IP) supply chain. Vestigo Verify provides Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) the information they need to perform efficient and successful monitoring visits, while Vestigo Verify Central leverages that monitoring information to help CRO managers oversee remote and centralized monitoring. And finally, Vestigo IRT Integrations improves data integrity, accelerates data capture, and increases efficiency at study sites. Working together, our suite of software solutions supports key players and critical processes along the entire Investigational Product (IP) supply chain.

Vestigo Solutions

Which solution is right for you?

Research Pharmacies

Large academic medical centers and smaller research sites use Vestigo to automate the manual tasks associated with investigational drug operations. Vestigo allows sites to create complete and accurate electronic Drug Accountability Records while tracking inventory, dispensing, billing, temperature documents and deviations, and competency completion.

Clinical Research Associates (CRAs)

Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) use Vestigo Verify to efficiently monitor protocols remotely and at Vestigo sites with site authorization. Monitors can easily request visits, review inventory transactions, view Drug Accountability Records, authorize returns and destruction of product, view study documents, and create visit notes.

Contract Research Organizations (CROs)

CRO Managers use Vestigo Verify Central to oversee monitoring visits and inventory levels across sites who are participating in a protocol and utilizing Vestigo and Vestigo Verify. High-level dashboards display data in real-time and allow users to drill down to review detailed information about each study.


Sponsors and research sites benefit from Vestigo/IRT Integrations by improving data integrity and reducing site inefficiencies. The integration exchanges key protocol, site, inventory and kit information, and returns/final disposition of product between IRTs and Vestigo sites.

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