Vestigo Pharmacy Research

Automating Manual Data Capture and Increasing Safety, Efficiency, and Compliance

The Results are in: Vestigo is Worth the Investment

By automating manual processes, Vestigo increases safety, efficiency, and compliance. Research pharmacists and technicians who use Vestigo devote more time to their most valuable work and less time on manual processes and paperwork. The results prove it’s worth the investment for both large and small research pharmacies.

↑ Increased efficiency compared to
previous manual operations

↑ Gains in revenue due to timely billing
and capturing omitted charges

↑ Higher staff satisfaction and

↓ Lower operational costs

↓ A reduction in manual data entry

↓ Fewer errors and less time
spent on documentation

Vestigo's Key Features

  • Handles all types of clinical trials: simple or complex, early or late phase, oncology or non-oncology, sponsored or investigator-initiated
  • Beneficial for large academic medical centers as well as smaller, non-traditional research sites
  • Works in real time to alert IDS teams to needed activity and potential issues
  • Provides robust tracking by lot number/item number and supports tracking of patient-specific inventory and documentation of returns and destructions
  • Inventory is automatically tied to the dispense and updates the accountability in real-time
  • Drug expiration dates are tracked to ensure out of date inventory is not dispensed
  • Generates clear, accurate, client-specific labels with barcodes
  • Automatic label generation and inventory updates with each dispense
  • Ensures patient safety and drug accuracy through the system’s checks & balances
  • Patients only enrolled in the study are eligible for dispensing
  • Fully automated
  • Increases revenue by capturing previously omitted charges and reducing labor costs from generating manual invoices
  • Creates complete, accurate, and legible reports to support HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Many standardized reports are available, including NCI, NCI Oral, ACTG, Summaries, and Single Subject
  • Ensures everyone on the IDS Team has completed the necessary trainings before accessing the protocol
  • Restricts access by role
  • Competency reports provide information on details and completion
  • Assists in scheduling patient appointments and monitor visits
  • Manages monitor visits by efficiently inviting and granting temporary access to monitors to review data via Vestigo Verify
  • Documents the movement of a dispense as it moves through the various stages in the pharmacy. Download Vestigo Chain of Custody for more information.
  • Stores sponsor access codes for easy retrieval
  • Captures and records all actions associated with temperature excursions
  • Supports quick identification of affected inventory to expedite your response based on deviation details
  • A digital messaging board provides the Vestigo team and clients with the opportunity to discuss best practices and connect with other research pharmacies
  • Captures all actions associated with protocols, inventory, billing, and workload
  • Application Programming Interface (API) is available for retrieving data from Vestigo to support integration with an organization’s business intelligence tools and other applications
What's New

Redesigned Competency Module to create training requirements and oversee completion

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