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We’ve been transforming and automating Investigational Drug Service for nearly two decades.

By automating manual processes, Vestigo increases compliance, accountability, safety and efficiency. And, the results prove it’s worth the investment.


Gains in efficiency*


Reduction in manual inputs for billing experienced by Technicians and Pharmacists per month*


Gain in revenue due to on-time billing and unmissed charges*


Return on Investment*

  *As reported by clients and varies by size of research hospital.

Solution Overview

  • Ability to structure the most complex of protocols in a logical and safe manner including arms, drugs and orders
  • Automatically limits drugs to those used in selected protocol
  • Robust tracking features by lot number/item number, patient-specific inventory, returns and destructions
  • Automatically ties inventory to dispenses, updating the system in real-time
  • Real-time checks for drug expiration dates
  • Generate high quality, accurate labels with barcodes
  • Automatic label generation and inventory updates upon dispensation
  • Patients only enrolled in the study are eligible for dispensing
  • Fully automated protocol dispensing fees, invoicing, payments and accounts receivable
  • Standardized drug accountability reports are available including: NCI, NCI Oral, ACTG, Summaries, Single Subject, etc.
  • Document in-services and competencies completed
  • Restrict access to protocols based on competency level
  • Track appointments or events and monitor visits with a calendar feature
  • Document the movement of a dispense as it moves through the various stages in the pharmacy
  • Track its movement to the clinic, patient, or affiliated site with a scan-able barcode until it reaches its final destination
  • Inventory Transactions – Coming soon!
  • Store and retrieve sponsor access codes
  • Capture and record all actions associated with temperature excursions
  • Grant temporary and restricted access to monitors for the purpose of reviewing and authorizing information using Vestigo Verify
  • A digital message board providing IDS Pharmacists the opportunity to share commonly encountered questions, discuss best practices, and to align and empower investigational services across multiple institutions
  • Extensive reporting which allows for accurate tracking of operations, workflows, and financials
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