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PharmAcademic is the required software selected by ASHP to manage ASHP-Accredited Pharmacy Residency Programs.

A Well Proven and Widely Adopted Solution used by 100% of Accredited Residency Programs.


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73,500 Formative Feedback Submissions

Solution Overview

  • Update, manage, and modify program information, including read-only access settings for staff
  • House program data, including program policies and documents
  • Use program dashboards to quickly and easily assess your program’s strengths and needs
  • Use program reports to create a superior experience for your residents that adheres to ASHP standards
  • Build a fully customized learning experience and reuse it for future residents
  • Map learning experiences to standardized educational goals and objectives
  • Add learning activities for each objective
  • Easily adhere to evaluation guidelines; build and add custom evaluations to your learning experiences
  • Evaluations built and automatically scheduled according to ASHP standards and requirements
  • Standard summative, preceptor, and learning experience evaluations developed and required by ASHP are automatically scheduled
  • Custom evaluations can be scheduled or added on-demand to supplement your program needs
  • Residents evaluated against program goals and objectives, documenting longitudinal learner progression
  • Easy to manage features including: changing dues dates and sending back for editing
  • Built-in messaging and reminders
  • Robust reporting to assess learner progression
  • Send additional reminders to preceptors and residents
  • Add program announcements and files to be displayed on the home page
  • Access to residents’ professional work experience
  • Easily close out and record your residents’ future career plans
  • CV or Resume
  • Continuous professional development plan
  • Licenses and credentials
  • Artifacts of learning
  • Preceptors and RPDs can enter feedback on demand for residents
  • Feedback can be mapped to objectives or learning experiences to follow learner progression
  • Use a template or open-ended format
  • Feedback automatically alerts the resident
  • Provides single sign on for preceptors who are in multiple programs
  • Pharmacists will have continuity throughout their career using one software solution as a resident and preceptor
  • Create and share individualized development plan with all educators involved in the resident experience
  • Unique schedules to reflect resident’s interests
  • Assign resident-specific objectives
  • Securely stores data
  • Ease of access at any point in time
  • Assess learner progression
  • Monitor program against standards
  • Run reports to view resident, preceptor and learning experience evaluations
  • Review progress using program dashboards

Non-Accredited Program?

PharmAcademic serves non-accredited programs as well. To learn more about implementing at your site, contact us today!

What's New

PharmAcademic Dashboards-Residency Program Directors can use the recently updated dashboards to view resident progress and keep tabs on key facets of their program.