PharmAcademic supports more than 2,600 active residency programs

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PharmAcademic is the required software selected by ASHP and is well proven in supporting accreditation standards. It is an instrumental tool currently being used by over 7,500 residents and more than 28,000 preceptors.

A Well Proven and Widely Adopted Solution used by 100% of Accredited Residency Programs.


Completed Evaluations


Learning Experiences Completed

60,000 Formative Feedback Submissions

Solution Overview

  • Mapping of residents against objectives longitudinally, documenting learner progression
  • Standardization and automation of evaluations
  • Robust reporting which tracks progress toward achieving ASHP accreditation
  • Map learning experiences to standardized goals and objectives
  • Add (and import from Word) program-specific and learning experience-specific, learning activities
  • Build a fully customized learning experience and reuse it for future residents
  • Update, manage, and modify program information, including read-only access settings for staff
  • Evaluations built and automatically scheduled according to ASHP standards and requirements
  • Standard summative, preceptor, and learning experience evaluations developed and required by ASHP are automatically scheduled
  • Custom evaluations can be scheduled or added on-demand to supplement your program needs
  • Residents evaluated against program goals and objectives, documenting longitudinal learner progression
  • Easy to manage features including: changing dues dates, reassigning evaluations, and sending back for editing
  • Built-in messaging and reminders
  • Robust reporting to assess learner progression
  • This includes the ability to add announcements and files
  • Access to residents’ professional work experience
  • Easily close out and record your residents’ future career plans
  • CV or Resume
  • Continuous professional development plan
  • Licenses and credentials
  • Artifacts of learning
  • Preceptors and RPDs can leave feedback on demand
  • Map to objectives to follow learner progression
  • Template or open-ended preceptor feedback forms
  • Provides single sign on for preceptors who are in multiple programs
  • Pharmacists will have continuity throughout their career using one software solution as a resident and preceptor
  • Single account/login
  • Create and share individualized development plan with all educators involved in the resident experience
  • Unique schedules to reflect resident’s interests
  • Securely stores data
  • Ease of access at any point in time

Non-Accredited Program?

PharmAcademic serves non-accredited programs as well. To learn more about implementing at your site, contact us today!

What's New

PharmAcademic Dashboards-Residency Program Directors can use the new dashboards to view resident progress and keep tabs on key facets of their program.