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Pharmacy education programs choose PharmAcademic because of its flexibility and customizability

PharmAcademic is a web-based software solution which supports the achievement of accreditation standards and requirements.


IPPE and APPE Rotations Scheduled


Custom Assessments
Built by Colleges of Pharmacy


College of Pharmacy Assessments Completed

246,000 Evidences of Learning
31,200 Reflections and
29,000 Formative Feedback Submissions

*Represents both Residency Programs and Colleges of Pharmacy

Solution Overview

  • Manage access based on user roles and security access features
  • Multiple reporting options including, but not limited to, preceptor licensing and student employment
  • Record site descriptions, rotation and preceptor information
  • Create, execute and manage affiliation agreements, requirements and site visits
  • Generate comprehensive reports to summarize site visits and current status
  • Manage required student training and immunizations
  • Create custom requirements to meet your needs and validate them after submission
  • Generate reports in real-time to ensure student compliance
  • Create and assign customized rotation categories, priorities and tags for use by the match engine to meet your scheduling preferences
  • Map rotations to school’s curricular outcomes to track curricular coverage as well as student progression
  • Store rotation specific documents for school and/or student viewing, i.e., required forms and readings
  • Effortlessly manage primary and secondary preceptors for each rotation
  • Generate rotation reports to easily review and manage information
  • Supports creating the most complex of IPPE and APPE schedules
  • Manage all match details including preceptor availability, student and preceptor assessments, student assignments, and schedule change requests
  • Allow users to manage application only/hand-scheduled rotations
  • Provide site employed coordinator access to add preceptor availability and modify site descriptions and files
  • Build and manage custom experiential and co-curricular assignments
  • Custom scheduling by rotation category or student level
  • Options include co-sign and formal evaluation by student advisors, preceptors and experiential faculty and staff
  • Tailor assignments to program requirements
  • Dashboard view of assignments, i.e., submitted, scheduled, delivered, co-signature
  • Manage with advanced search and reminder capabilities to identify outstanding assignments with the click of a button
  • Map to curricular outcomes to track curricular coverage as well as assess student longitudinal performance
  • Easy to modify and reuse
  • Map rotations as well as co-curricular and experiential assignments to program outcomes and industry standards
  • Review reports to evaluate student progression towards meeting college defined educational outcomes across the curriculum
  • Generate reports for individual students not meeting performance expectations
  • Build custom forms, surveys, and assessments with multiple question types to evaluate faculty, students, preceptors and courses
  • Document both formative feedback and summative assessments
  • Custom evaluation scales and rubrics for grade calculation
  • Automated scheduling and reminders
  • Dashboard view of assessments, i.e., delivered, submitted, co-signed
  • Easy to modify and reuse
  • CV/Resume
  • Continuing Professional Development Plans
  • Activity logs, clinical experiences, and reflections
  • Completed course, experiential and co-curricular assessments and assignments
  • Easily import from Word to capture complex formatting
  • Send emails to specific audiences, i.e., preceptors in a specific match, students in a specific level or course
  • Documentation of scheduled assessments and real-time formative feedback
  • Accreditation records management
  • Outcomes data and reporting of required accreditation information
  • Integrated portfolios, CPD plans and artifacts of learning
  • Site, preceptor, rotation, student and course records management
  • Dashboard view of assessments and assignments
  • Easy communication through the bulk emailer
  • Preceptor credential tracking with single account and login across schools and residency programs
  • Account continuity – one professional portfolio that stays with a student throughout their career (student -> resident -> preceptor)
  • User specific information, i.e., CVs, credentials, employment
  • Experiential site and rotation information, i.e., site visit statuses, expiring affiliation agreements
  • Scheduling information, i.e., student and preceptor master schedules, preceptor availability and utilization, student to preceptor ratios
  • Faculty, course, preceptor and student performance data
  • Course and rotation mapping information
  • The PharmAcademic support team consists of seasoned professionals who have backgrounds in higher education, course development, assessment and account management
  • A dedicated subject matter expert is assigned to each of our clients as a single point of contact
  • The PharmAcademic team is led by a pharmacist with substantial experience in experiential education and health-systems management
  • When you call our support line you will speak with your dedicated account manager
  • Our support team exceeds expectations with timely responses to phone and email support requests
What's New

Assignments: Build, schedule and manage assignments with ease

Requirements: Build, schedule and manage college and experiential site requirements that are linked to user profiles

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