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An integrated solution automating pharmacy school AND residency program management

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Supporting the achievement and maintenance of accreditation standards and requirements in your pharmacy schools and residency programs and serving a Pharmacist through school, residency and into practice.

Colleges and Schools of Pharmacy

Pharmacy educators need a software solution which can automate complex scheduling, streamline assessments, track learner progression longitudinally and manage accreditation standards. That’s why Pharmacy education programs nationwide are choosing PharmAcademic to automate operations.


Pharmacy Residency Programs

PharmAcademic supports more than 2,200 active residency programs. It’s been an instrumental tool in educating over 30,000 residents and is used by more than 50,000 preceptors. The McCreadie Group and ASHP have been partners for over a decade and are united in their commitment to simplifying the management and accreditation of residency programs using PharmAcademic.

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