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PharmAcademic Colleges of Pharmacy & Residency Programs who were featured at AACP & NPPC

Denise Klinker, PharmD

Managing Co-Curricular Activities and Incorporating Entrustable Professional Activities Using PharmAcademic

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Jennifer Chang, PharmD, BCPS & Suzanne Turner, PharmD, FASHP

Purposeful Preceptor Development, Moving from Surviving to Thriving

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D'Youville College

Utilizing Self-Assessment Tools within a Portfolio to Evaluate Domain 4 Skills among Student Pharmacists

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University of Charleston

Preceptor Self-Assessment of Preparedness and Continual Development Needs

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University of Cincinnati

Student Satisfaction with Computer Versus Manually Generated Schedules for Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences

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University of Florida

Optimizing the APPE Scheduling Process Using PharmAcademic

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