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“Pro-tip to sites who want to maximize efficiency, get Vestigo, and let the monitors log in remotely. The 2-hour reconciliation visits will drop to less than 15-minutes. The only time I need more than 20-minutes in the pharmacy is if they don’t use Vestigo…”

Matthew Tierney, Sr. Oncology CRA



“At Emory University, we purchased Vestigo® in 2007. In early 2008, the University began to require that the Investigational Drug Service manages all drug studies. We quickly grew from 120 protocols to 250 in the first two years. We could not have handled the growth without Vestigo®, and our number of protocols has continued to increase to over 400 today. In addition to drug accountability and protocol management, the system has streamlined our billing process so that we can cover all operating costs. The McCreadie Group has been very responsive to ours and other users’ needs in providing frequent upgrades. They have also become an essential partner with the IDS community in helping meet the requirements of sponsors and government agencies, including the FDA. Our operation could not function without it.”

Susan Rogers, RPh, Director, Investigational Drug Service, Emory University



“Before coming to Tampa General, I was the IDS Team Lead of a staff of 9, and was involved with the implementation of Vestigo® at another site. We had never employed an electronic system and used sponsor supplied or other paper forms for over 300 studies. It was an incredible mess. Six months after switching to Vestigo®, every person in the IDS Team frequently said the same thing “How did we ever manage without Vestigo®?” When interviewing for my current position at Tampa General, I discussed the need for Vestigo®, and that is was essential for any IDS to function efficiently. Yes, we have now implemented Vestigo®, and all is running smoothly. I have been through several NCI and FDA audits using Vestigo®. There was never a question about the documentation or accuracy of data. Auditors always commented that it was so nice to review such “clean” data.”

J. Michael Hayes, PharmD, CPh, Pharmacotherapy Specialist, Investigational Drug Service, Tampa General Hospital


“Working with McCreadie Group and the PharmAcademic™ platform has provided great benefit to the LECOM School of Pharmacy. We have been able to streamline our processes for experiential scheduling and management, and this has saved us actual dollars by fully eliminating our need for staff overtime expenses to run our rotation match. The platform adds value beyond experiential education. We can create courses and assignments, keep a record of academic performance for each student, provide a portfolio view that students (and graduates – for as long as they desire) can show to outside parties, and track each student’s community service activities. We are grateful for the timely and expert responsiveness provided by the staff. They have always been willing to listen to our suggestions and often incorporate them into updates. The consultation services provided helped guide us in the right direction for our match process. There are a lot of moving pieces, and the consultation from PharmAcademic™ helped take away the guesswork and improve our efficiency. Denise and Melissa bring highly valuable practical experience to the table, and this is much appreciated.”

Hershey S. Bell, MD, MS, FAAFP, Professor, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean, LECOM School of Pharmacy


“At Larkin University College of Pharmacy, PharmAcademic™ provides essential resources for the delivery and management of our experiential education curriculum. It is a dynamic resource that is continually evolving with updates and releases to meet the needs of its clients. We have even been able to take part in beta testing of features and provide feedback at early stages leading up to their release. Additionally, the team behind the product is well experienced in the world of experiential, works diligently to provide individualized support, and is easily accessible, which is vital. I look forward to building upon what we have created in the years to come!”

Kathleen Jodoin, Pharm.D., BCPS, Assistant Dean of Experiential Education, Assistant Professor, Department of Clinical & Administrative Sciences, Larkin University, College of Pharmacy


“D’Youville College School of Pharmacy has been working with PharmAcademic™ over the past year to develop a student-driven portfolio. The purpose of the portfolio is to have a centralized platform for students to document their co-curricular activities and to track their progress along the Center for the Advancement of Pharmaceutical Education Educational Outcomes. Utilizing the assignment feature, students have a more organized framework detailing what needs to be completed each semester and have the ability to map their activities to the educational outcomes and pre-determined competency levels. This provides an opportunity for students to become more familiar with the educational outcomes and allows our institution and advisors to track and assess student progression of the educational outcomes.”

Victoria Belousova, PharmD, Assistant Professor, D’Youville, College of Pharmacy


“PharmAcademic™ makes scheduling students easy. At the University of Florida, I was able to schedule 275 students with 8 APPE rotations and 550 students with 1 IPPE rotation in a matter of days versus weeks. The program walks you through the process one step at a time, listing all the steps in one column and your reports in a separate column. The reports are easy to read and cover everything from student rankings to preceptor availability. The match feature also allows you to add requirements for all students in one place and the option to adjust individual student requirements. Tracking your rules and requirements for rotations is easy when you use PharmAcademic™.”

Heather Hardin, PharmD, BCACP, Clinical Assistant Professor and Director of the Office of Experiential Programs, University of Florida, College of Pharmacy


“Purdue University College of Pharmacy began using PharmAcademic™ in 2009, and we have remained loyal because the McCreadie Group practices what they preach. We found them to be responsive to our enhancements requests and greatly appreciate their outstanding customer support. We could not live without PharmAcademic™.”

Brian Shepler, Assistant Dean for Experiential Education, Clinical Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice Director, Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences, Purdue University, College of Pharmacy


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