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Automating manual data capture and increasing safety, compliance and efficiency

Major research institutions nationwide have chosen Vestigo to automate the manual tasks associated with investigational drug operations because we are focused on the 3 most important things at an IDS: safety, compliance and efficiency. As a result, Vestigo is the market leader and industry standard in IDS software.


of top 10 NIH funded
Research Institutions


of NCI Designated
Cancer Centers


of Clinical & Translational
Science Award Programs

Nationally Recognized by Drug Sponsor Monitors & Auditors

Solution Highlights

  1. Built-in workflows to ensure safe practices
  2. Extensive reporting to track operations, processes and financials
  1. Dramatically reduced time spent on manual processes typically experienced in IDS
  2. Significantly decreased time spent on paperwork and handwriting
  3. Intuitive design leads to short learning curve and enhanced user experience
  1. Monitors have restricted access to the system to view authorized protocols in one place
  2. Study Coordinators and/or Internal Reviewers can be granted read-only access for select protocols
  1. Access from any device with a secure browser
  2. Standardize data collection and dispensing process
  3. Integrated IDS system
  4. Minimal IT resource support
  5. Use your network login with A.D authentication using SAML
  6. Roles based security
  1. Real-time building and updating of protocols with the Vestigo-OnCore interface
  2. Transmit prescription information in real-time with the Vestigo-Epic interface
  3. Cerner – coming soon
  4. Grifols
    A digital message board giving you the opportunity to share commonly encountered questions, discuss best practices, and to align and empower investigational services across multiple institutions.
    Vestigo clients include large research institutions who have 1,000+ protocols. But we also serve smaller institutions; 15% of our clients have fewer than 50 protocols.

  1. A multi-facility solution giving your research pharmacy the structure and flexibility to use Vestigo
  2. Improves standardization and uniformity with one system serving many facilities
  1. Visibility through the supply chain and closed-loop information exchange across clinical trial studies
  2. Automated data feeds from Vestigo of inbound and outbound inventory, dispense, and disposition information
  3. Accessible inventory manifests across studies for mutually shared clients
  4. Complete, accurate and timely drug accountability records, allowing study to be review ready

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What's New

SAML – log into Vestigo® using your network username and password

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