The Residency Program Management Solution

Robust. Automated. Customizable.

PharmAcademic is the go-to platform for Residency Program Directors (RPDs) in the US and Canada to manage their pharmacy residency programs, track resident progression, and adhere to accreditation standards. Developed in partnership with the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP), all ASHP-accredited programs are required to use PharmAcademic. The platform automates many required processes such as evaluations, duty hours reporting, and learning experiences to increase efficiency. Customizable to meet individual program and resident needs, PharmAcademic provides an easy-to-use task list, dashboards, and reports to track resident progression on educational objectives. 

Key benefits of PharmAcademic:

  • Supports adherence to accreditation standards 
  • Tracks resident progression on educational objectives 
  • Automates required tasks and improves efficiency
  • Customizable to meet individual program and resident needs 
  • Guides creation of learning experiences 
  • Schedules all required evaluations for residents and preceptors
  • Easy-to-use task list for residents and preceptors 
  • Provides ASHP with the data they need to conduct online surveys and monitor visits

Not an ASHP-Accredited Program?

PharmAcademic is also used by non-accredited residency programs and international programs. To learn more about implementing PharmAcademic at your site, contact us today!

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