Industry Integrations

Centralized Protocol Integration: Connecting Vestigo with Other e-Clinical Systems

Centralized Protocol Integration bridges the gap between Vestigo and IRT systems, creating a unified ecosystem that enhances efficiency, data integrity, and the overall experience for research sites and sponsors.

Unlock the Power of Vestigo-IRT Integration

Discover the seamless synergy between Vestigo and IRT systems. Vestigo enables research sites and institutions to manage protocols and transactions in the Investigational Product (IP) supply chain.
Sponsors benefit from a Vestigo/IRT integration with:

  • Improved Data Integrity: Enhance data quality and accuracy through automated validation processes.
  • Consistent Data Format: Ensure a uniform data format for all your research operations.
  • Faster Data Close: Expedite data management, reducing administrative overhead.
  • Enhanced Inventory Visibility: Gain unparalleled insights into IP inventory levels and disposition.
  • Optimized Monitoring: Experience increased efficiency and transparency in the monitoring process.
  • Real-Time Updates: Receive automatic return and disposition information in real time.
  • Kit Status Updates: Stay informed of any changes due to quarantine, loss, or product expiration.
  • Data Privacy: Trust that no PHI or extraneous information is exchanged in the integration.

A Seamless Bi-Directional Integration

Our Vestigo/IRT integration relies on a standardized API specification to facilitate seamless communication of key protocol, site, inventory, and kit information. This bi-directional integration is thoughtfully designed to ensure safety and efficiency.

Elevate Site Satisfaction

Sites benefit from a Vestigo/IRT integration with:

  • Streamlined Centralized Protocol Management
  • Effortless Shipment Receipts
  • Automated Kit Assignments
  • Eliminating Duplicate Data Entry
  • Straight Forward Drug Returns
  • Simplified User Management

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