Essential Elements for Core Required APPE’s

Sep 9, 2019 | Blog, McCreadie Group

September 2019 | Blog Post by Lindsay Groth

At the end of June, AJPE published a commentary on the ‘Essential Elements for Core Required Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences,’ authored by a taskforce assembled by the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) Experiential Education (EE) Section.

This was a collaboration of many great experiential minds coming together spending two years “conducting peer-reviews, and following a consensus-building process which included experiential faculty and staff across multiple colleges and schools of pharmacy, to determine a common set of elements that could be used to bring consistency to the experiences and expectations for student learning in practice”1 across Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) rotations, the report states. The need for this report arose because schools were interpreting the elements of the rotations differently, creating inconsistencies in student experiences. A standardized list of essential elements will help programs improve the consistency of advanced pharmacy practice experiences, provide a foundation for defining quality within those experiences, and allow ACPE to more consistently assess programmatic quality.   The commentary outlines four rotations, three of which are published in this report:

  1. Essential Elements for Inpatient General Medicine Patient Care APPE
  2. Essential Elements for Ambulatory Patient Care APPE
  3. Essential Elements for Community Pharmacy APPE

The fourth, Essential Elements for Hospital/Health System Pharmacy APPE, was finalized when the task force met at the AACP Conference in July. An addendum will be published to include this last rotation. You can download the commentary or access it by subscribing to the AACP EE Section listserv. While the fourth rotation has not been added, you can download it.

1 Essential Elements for Core Required Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences, Authored by the AACP EE Section:  Jennifer Danielson, PharmD, MBA, Kathleen Hill Besinque, PharmD, MSEd, Cheryl Clarke, BS Pharm, Deb Copeland, PharmD, Denise M. Klinker, PharmD, MBA, Lena Maynor, PharmD, Kate Newman, PharmD, Nancy Ordonez, PharmD, See-Won Seo, PharmD, James Scott, PharmD, Toyin Tofade, PharmD, MS, Cathy L. Worrall, PharmD