McCreadie Group Connects IDS Community Nationwide with Launch of Vestigo User Forum

by | May 31, 2019 | McCreadie Group, Research Pharmacy

May 2019 | Lindsay Groth

Vestigo®, the market leader and industry standard in automating manual processes in Investigational Drug Services (IDS) is at the forefront of innovation once again, having recently launched its user forum, a digital message board connecting the IDS community nationwide.

Like most Internet forums, the Vestigo User Forum is a space designated for IDS pharmacist teams to converse on topics and issues in this specialized practice area.

With 80% of the Vestigo client base already having energized discussions within the first eight weeks since its launch, McCreadie Group is thrilled with the adoption rate and the opportunity to provide this community-building experience for its clients. “It’s so popular we have received multiple requests to open it up to the entire IDS community, client or not, making it clear there is a need for this type of community,” said Mike Schlesselman, Director of Research Products at McCreadie Group.

Users have been openly sharing best practices and examples of institution-specific documents, policies, and procedures, making “Best Practices and Workflows” the highest trending topic. Another forum topic with a high level of activity is “Reports & Productivity Metrics.”

“Our users are highly engaged in dialogue around Vestigo’s reporting and productivity features to help them justify staffing and provide metrics on how much time it takes to complete different tasks,” said Rachael Aletti, Senior Account Manager at McCreadie Group.

“We saw the need for an online community that would allow IDS pharmacy teams to connect regularly. We tested it on our clients prior to the launch and gained their input to ensure that what we developed would meet their needs,” stated Scott McCreadie, President and CEO of McCreadie Group. “We look forward to the growth of this community, the benefits of sharing and promoting best practices, and connecting the IDS practitioners’ community. The Vestigo User Forum now fills a gap that existed for quite some time, and the rapid adoption rate is an indicator of just how much something like this was needed.”


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