Advanced Vestigo Features

Discover Advanced Vestigo Features to Elevate your Research Pharmacy Operations

Advanced Vestigo Features allows research pharmacies to extend the reach of Vestigo to make tasks safer and more efficient, and information more accessible.

Use advanced add-on features to craft the ideal solution. What does your site need?

  • Barcoding technology to track Investional Product and safeguard your dispensing process.
  • Integrations with other software solutions to streamline operations and improve data integrity.
  • Advanced reporting and data anlysis to make informed decisions and improve processes.

Vestigo Chain of Custody

Use Vestigo’s Chain of Custody functionality to accurately capture data points for Investigational Product (IP) at every step and at every hand-off until it reaches its final destination. You can track and document prescription preparation, dispensing, storage,transportation, and administration with easy to use barcode-scanning technology.


  • Enhance visibility of a dispense as it moves through each step in the medication-use process.
  • Facilitate compliance by tracking time (prepared, delivered, received, and administered), temperature, and/or receipt by approved personnel. Non-Vestigo users can securely document handling and transport of a prescription.
  • Increase efficiency and standardization using custom-designed workflows to collect data at required steps.
  • Eliminate the need for paper logs to travel with the product and get returned to the pharmacy.

Vestigo Barcoding Validation

Barcoding validation allows you to confirm that the correct Investigational Product (IP) is being dispensed before the prescription leaves the pharmacy. The validation steps add safeguards to the dispensing process, creating a workflow that is more efficient, compliant, and safe for your patients.


  • Improve patient safety by confirming the correct Investigational Product (IP) is selected for dispensing.
  • Facilitate protocol compliance by providing electronic documentation of physical product.
  • Engage in best practice by ensuring a second verification occurs before the product leaves the pharmacy
  • Apply validation to those protocols where needed.

Vestigo EMR Interface

With a Vestigo/EMR HL7 Interface, you can receive orders quickly and automatically in Vestigo. The EMR order is linked to the drugs on the Vestigo order through a unique identification code. These orders enter a queue for processing by the designated pharmacy team member. Checks and balances within the interface ensure Vestigo captures accurate information from the EMR order details, and a queue for mismatched or unmatched orders ensures no orders are missed.


  • Increase efficiency by eliminating the manual transcription process to perform accountability and dispensing in Vestigo.
  • Improve documentation with more complete and accurate Drug Accountability Records.
  • Ensure prescription information is the same in both systems with side by side display of details.
  • Use audit logging of the EMR message with the Vestigo message for future review.

Vestigo CTMS Interface

Gain efficiencies in the management of protocols, contacts, and patients by integrating your CTMS with Vestigo. The API interface pulls data at regular intervals to update Vestigo with any new or changed information, including protocol, staff, and patient/subject information. You will be alerted to new enrollments, any changes to enrollment status, and changes to patient demographic information.


  • Increase efficiency by loading protocol information /contacts/subjects directly from the CTMS.
  • Improve compliance with accurate prescriber and contact information.
  • Improve safety as patient information is transferred from the CTMS, reducing manual data entry and being in sync with the source of truth.
  • Enhance patient care with seamless enrollment from an alert and improve overall inventory management with accurate patient status updates.

Vestigo Reporting API

Using the Vestigo Reporting Application Programming Interface (REST API), you can securely retrieve data from Vestigo and analyze it using your organanization’s business intelligence tools for decision-making purposes. The reporting API ensures you can easily populate your data warehouse with the necessary Vestigo information.


  • Easily import Vestigo billing charge and invoice information into your financial database or Vestigo inventory-related transactions into a logistics database.
  • Populate organizational dashboards without data/spreadsheet manipulation.
  • Retrive data for time- based workload and charges incurred on various tasks and protocol activities
  • Track the types and status of protocols and the number of dispenses and patients over time.

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