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Research Pharmacy

Vestigo automates many Investigational Drug Service (IDS) processes, improving safety, efficiency, and compliance. As the premier IDS software solution, Vestigo enables leading research pharmacies to streamline many of their manual IDS management processes.

Sponsors, CROs, and IRT Providers

Vestigo closes the information exchange loop with industry integrations and centralized protocol management. Vestigo supports Sponsors, CROs, and IRT organizations by integrating with other industry solutions and centrally manages protocols across all Vestigo sites.

Pharmacy Residency Program

PharmAcademic is the American Society of Health System Pharmacists (ASHP)’s preferred and exclusive software provider for accredited Residency Program management. A robust solution supporting accreditation standards, PharmAcademic manages learning experiences rotations, resident schedules, formative and summative evaluations, and provides comprehensive reporting on resident progression.

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