McCreadie Group Innovative Solutions for Pharmacy

Vestigo increases IDS safety and compliance…

  • Protocols structured in a logical and safe manner
  • Product selection limited to drugs used for the current protocol
  • Automated checks for expired products and IRB approvals
  • Patient management functions prevent dispensing to patients not enrolled
  • Accurate, electronic drug accountability records
  • High-quality, safe labels with barcodes
  • Built-in workflow for safe practices
  • Logging and audit trails required by HIPAA and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

…and improves IDS efficiency and reduces costs

  • Electronic protocol management
  • Fully automated protocol billing (increases revenue and reduces the cost of generating the bill)
  • Electronic inventory management including tracking patient-specific items, returns, and destructions
  • Reduced paperwork and handwriting
  • Integrated dispensing with automatic label generation
  • Extensive reporting to track operations, workload and financials