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**EPIC and VESTIGO now interface**

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The Vestigo integration with OnCore makes building and updating protocols seamless, resulting in efficiencies across resources and time savings within your investigational drug service (IDS).


Seamless updating capability right within your Vestigo workflow.


The OnCore-Vestigo interface, which is built on API framework will assist in:
• Building and updating protocols as needed
• Updating protocol staff when necessary
• Updating patients/subjects associated with protocol amendments
Gain efficiencies around management of Protocols, Contacts,  and Subjects.
The interface makes loading of protocols more efficient, keeps your protocol information in sync with OnCore, and offers a number of significant benefits to your IDS facility, such as:
• Timely communication to pharmacy
• Reduction of manual and duplicate data entry
• Facilitation of compliance
• Consistency of your protocols, investigators, and subjects
How does it work?
Vestigo polls the OnCore API at regular intervals for new or changed records and uses an interface mapping table to ensure that Vestigo values match OnCore values. New or changed records are processed using the following guidelines:
• Protocol pulled if IND flag set to Yes
• New protocols not added to Vestigo until a user selects them
• Existing protocols: data elements automatically updated and audit logged
• Subjects automatically sent for matching protocols

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