McCreadie Group Innovative Solutions for Pharmacy

Over 70 research institutions across the nation

have automated their investigational drug service

with Vestigo.

And the results prove it’s worth the investment:

  • 8% revenue gain due to on-time billing and unmissed charges.
  • Reduced billing manual inputs for clinical trials for Technicians by 92%
    and Pharmacists by 90% per month.
  • Returns of a minimum of 2x and up to as much as 11x the cost of the investment as shown in recent studies.
  • 70% of top 10 NIH funded research institutions are current clients.
  • 55% of all NCI designated cancer centers are current clients.

Increase IDS compliance, efficiency & safety

Vestigo is the web-based software that is transforming Investigational Drug Service (IDS) management. Vestigo automates many of the manual processes typically seen in an IDS and improves accuracy, efficiency and safety in the process.

Built-in safety improves IDS compliance

Vestigo’s automated safety features greatly reduce the likelihood of errors that can put protocols and patients at risk. Safeguards and workflow processes ensure research drugs are properly tracked, labeled and dispensed.

Added efficiency reduces IDS expenditures

By automating manual research pharmacy operations, Vestigo delivers 15-25% gains in efficiency, resulting in lower operational costs. Pharmacists are free to devote more time to their most valuable work and less time on manual processes and paperwork.

Ease of use increases job satisfaction

Research pharmacists are passionate about their work, but inefficient and frustrating manual processes can be a drain on morale. Designed by pharmacists for pharmacists, Vestigo incorporates a deep understanding of how IDS processes work and how your research pharmacists prefer to operate. Vestigo allows your pharmacists to meet critical research compliance standards in an efficient manner.

100% Web-based solution

New users adapt quickly to the intuitive design and attractive interface. And, as a 100% web-based service with no client software to install, your IT department will be spared time-consuming and costly maintenance, as well.

In-house customer support

Since we began, our direct personal support for clients and users has been a distinguishing characteristic of our company.

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