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PharmAcademic™ is a web-based software tool designed for colleges of pharmacy and residency programs. For Pharm.D. programs, PharmAcademic integrates the management of experiential education, assessment, courses, curricular outcomes and mapping, and a portfolio designed to support pharmacists’ education throughout their careers. It streamlines processes, eliminates inefficiency and allows you to redirect limited resources to where they matter most.

PharmAcademic Benefits

PharmAcademic provides pharmacy students, preceptors, faculty and administration with a single integrated system which can:

  • Manage course and rotation information, including the scheduling and automatic delivery of assignments and assessments which become part of the students’ portfolios.
  • Produce reports for curricular mapping, submissions of assessments and assignments, and student portfolio artifacts, helping you to measure effectiveness of teaching and learning
  • Schedule experiential education rotations using your program’s priorities, coordinated preceptor availability and student ranked rotation preferences
  • Populate schedule, assignment and assessment data into flexible student portfolios, allowing documentation of reflective learning and collection of artifacts to produce a full portfolio for program assessment or student career development.

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