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Automate your day-to-day activities with PharmAcademic™, freeing your team to focus on student learning and program needs. 

You need a tool that will ensure accreditation standards and requirements are met. PharmAcademic is that solution.

You need to give your students and preceptors a comprehensive platform with one login. PharmAcademic delivers.

You need real-time support to get PharmAcademic up and running. McCreadie Group offers customized training with subject matter experts to meet your program needs.

You need a flexible, customizable, and integrated software solution. PharmAcademic is a one-stop shop to meet your School or College of Pharmacy and Residency Program needs.


Residency programs: ResiTrak is now integrated within PharmAcademic™.

PharmAcademic is the official software for ASHP accredited residency programs. Beginning in 2018, ASHP is mandating the use of PharmAcademic for all ASHP-accredited residency programs nationwide. Learn more about our decade-long partnership with ASHP. 

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