McCreadie Group Innovative Solutions for Pharmacy

PharmAcademic™ is designed with Colleges of Pharmacy and Residency Programs in mind. ONE integrated web-based software solution.

Our solution supports a pharmacist throughout their career, which is why we integrated ResiTrak (McCreadie Group’s national residency program solution) into PharmAcademic™. It streamlines processes, eliminates inefficiency and allows you to redirect limited resources to where they matter most.  Now our clients have one software solution, one login, and a holistic view of a pharmacist’s path integrating: didactic, experiential education, and residency learning experiences.

For Pharm.D. programs PharmAcademic™ integrates:

  • Management of experiential education
  • Assessment, courses
  • Curricular outcomes and mapping
  • Portfolio’s designed to support pharmacists’ education throughout their careers

For Residency programs: ResiTrak is now integrated within PharmAcademic™.

Our partnership with ASHP began over a decade ago. By collaborating with ASHP, McCreadie Group developed PharmAcademic to support learning experiences and the evaluation of residents, using a systems-based approach to manage ASHP accredited residency programs. Learn more on the PharmAcademic page of the ASHP website.


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